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Message from the Management
Dear Colleagues,
Our association has started with its foundation activities during the second half of the 1991 and has applied to the Associations Panel in 1992 and has gained its legal entity and has organised its first ordinary meeting of the general assembly. Our association, which has continued with its entity with the leadership of our colleagues, who has set their hearts on the profession and with their devotion until 2003 as the current conditions are considered, has proved its essentialness together with the developments that has taken place in the health sector and has speeded up its activities an active NGO of the sector. Although total of 16 sector associations has been set up in the Medical Equipments Sector in various regions of the country up to today, Non Governmental Organisation culture in our sector is somewhat new and it has not yet been finalised. Massiad has also been the leading association for the grounding of the Federation of All Medical Equipment Producers and Suppliers Association (TUMDEF–2004), which is the umbrella organisation in the sector.
Our association had been a professional non governmental organisation with its corporate structure, where it is managed through ISO 9001-Quality Management System, where it has its economical activity with its Commercial Enterprise, which has legal and financial consultants in order to provide service for its members, which has cooperation with serious solution partners like; TUYAP Fair Operations Inc and MEYER Certifications, SISTEM Certified Public Accountant and TURUNCU Informatics Solutions and which contributes for the social and organisational developments of its members with its legal and financial consultants.
Our association is represented at the moment in the TOBB 52nd Medical Sector Assembly, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health, Treatment Services General Directorate and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Health Specialised Commission with successes. Besides, we have very close relationships both with Social Security Institution and with Public Procurement Authority, DTM and with all of the other related public institutions through TUMDEF. Our federation, which holds continual meetings with the related establishments with regards to issues of both complaints related to public tenders an the back payments and the issues related to the applications of the Ministry, conveys all kinds of reports that contain the concerns of the sector and the members to all related persons and institutions. All of these activities and exercises can currently be followed on our site with address of http://www.massiad.org.tr/. You can write about your all kinds of issues related to the issues of, legality, financial and professional by reaching to our association through our web site.
The activity boundaries of our association has been determined by the Act of Associations, number 5253, by the current Massiad Regulation and by the TUMDEF Regulation, which we are affiliated. Our association does not have any kind of authority in order to make any kind of arrangement or to bring about a final solution in these issues. However, the importance of Massiad is notified to the sector by carrying out every kind of activities with regards to contributing for the solution, to raise the awareness in terms of the profession and in terms of being an good professional consensus platform.
Our recommendation for our dear colleagues like yourselves in order to reduce the negative effects of the health system and the regulations of the health is that, you should position your establishments in the right way in order to get lesser effect from the global competition, to be open for the changes and developments in the sector, to be able to organise strong capital synergies, to own the profession and in addition, to stay attached to the professional ethics.
These issues are very important with respect to present situation of our sector, its future and for its respect with regards to the public.
As the last point, we would like to remind you that the Managing Board meetings of our association is open for all of our members. We also wish to remind you that you can participate at our meetings by learning about the dates of the meetings from our association and that we are awaiting your valuable contributions.
Wishing you all healthy and prosperous days
Massiad Managing Board
01 February 2011


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